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Medical Assistant Job Growth: 2010-2020

Medical Assistant Job Growth

Most people, when asked about a career in healthcare, will mention a nurse, physician or a physician’s assistant.  In reality, these professions are just a small sample of careers available in healthcare.  They vary greatly in their job description, length of training, job outlook and salary.  Quest to find a career that will best match your particular needs and desires can be time-consuming and tedious.

MedPro Academy was created to give users access to quality and specific information about options with a career in healthcare without going through all the spammy sites that seem to drown all medically-related career information.

I’m a healthcare professional with love and experience in technology and publishing.  As such, I have the right skills to provide you – the visitor, with quality information about a career in medicine.

Much like you may be doing now, I too searched for the various career options in healthcare and was surprised to find out how many different jobs one can go into.

I hope that you will find the information on this useful.  If you have any requests for topics, feel free to contact me. The best of luck in your new career!

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Here are quick answers to questions recently asked by our visitors:

So exactly, how much does a medical assistant make?

Medical Assistant SalaryAt the beginning of their career Medical assistants, along with CNAs, are among the lowest-paid professions in the healthcare industry, making as little as $10-11/hr. It may take a few years of gaining clinical experience for their talent to be recognized and rewarded financially.  At that point, it is not unusual for an MA to make over $30,000.  In some cases, typically in areas that are lacking the profession, MAs make upwards of $50,000.  However, salary in this range is an exception rather than the rule.  more details >


Step-by-step guide on becoming a CNA

Read about the exact actions you need to take in order to become a nurse assistant.

more details >



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